"You’re not in the room,
but you got me in a headlock.
Tied up, helpless, ready to be sacrificed.”

"I’ve been all around this corner

Reachin’ forth but backin’ over

I’m not done and I’m not over

I’m not done with you”

"And the cold sweat

it drips down my neck.

I’m tossing and turning in bed.

I’m burning alive.

This feeling ain’t right.”

"Give me things that I wanted to know,

tell me things that you’ve done”

"I am whoever I am when I am it"

"Speakin’ slowly,

know that I won’t touch you.

Breathe in slowly,

know that I can’t love you.

I just want what I can’t have”

Waiting Game
Banks feat. Gilbere Forte

"I got my eyes on you,

you’re everything that I see”